After a Chinese Storytime Volunteer training made by Amy, children’s service supervisor of Beachwood library, on Feb. 18th, We successfully held a cooperative Chinese story reading session between Beachwood Library & Cleveland Chinese Reading Association on March 4th. ICRA provided volunteer story-tellers with story contents for this event, as Beachwood Library carefully prepared hand-made materials and toys for stay&play after the session. As the main speakers of the session, Dongmin and her daughter Niuniu read stories about the moon to everyone present.

  1. A taste of the Moon, Michael Gregniec, Poland, 21st Century Publishing House, Edition 1, Jan 1st,2007, ISBN:9787539135892, 7539135891
    Brief Intro: A taste of the Moon is a book full of child interest. “What is the taste of the moon exactly, sweet or salty? How I wish I could take a bite!” Every animal thinks as they watch the moon in the night. However, no matter how they stretch their necks, hands, or legs, they cannot reach the moon. One day, a little sea turtle decided to try touching the moon. He climbed to the top of a mountain and the moon became closer to him, yet still beyond reach. The sea turtle summoned an elephant for help. “Step onto my back and maybe we could reach the moon!” “You must be playing a game with me!” The moon thought. The elephant raised his nose to reach the moon and the moon jumped lightly to dodge. The elephant then called a giraffe as he failed to touch the moon with his nose. Giraffe then found zebra, lion, fox, monkey and the monkey brought a mouse to the animals at last. “In no way could such a little thing reach me.” The moon looked at the mouse and thought. The moon didn’t move a bit as he got tired of this game. To everyone’s surprise, “Kacha”, the mouse bit off a piece of moon. He shared the piece with all animals and everyone took a bite of this piece and found it tasty. A fish got confused of their huge efforts in order to taste the moon. “The moon is right here beside me on the water and why are they trying so hard to reach it?”

During the reading, Niuniu drew pictures of every animal in this story while she was reading this story, and performed lively while her mother Dongmin was doing the reading. The children present were very attracted to the story, and the story itself became more interesting.

  1. My friend the Moon, Andre Dahan, Hebei Education Press, Edition 1(Nov 1st, 2007),
    ISBN: 9787543468030

Brief Intro: This story begins with the moon hanging high up in the sky. A little boy rowed a boat approaching the moon and shouted: “How are you my friend the moon?” The moon was waken up by the voice and laughed with the boy. The moon turned several somersaults before the string tied to the moon suddenly broke and the moon fell into the sea. The water splashed in all directions as the moon fell and the boy worried and asked the moon, “can you swim?” Thank God, the moon emerged from the water to the surface and spit out plenty of small fish. The boy wiped the moon dry and led the moon to his house. The moon was light as a feather and they tucked into the door with difficulty. They played piano, sang loudly, danced happily, and ate chocolate puddings together. The moon fell asleep on the boy’s bed at last, and then the boy rowed his boat again and approached the sun, “How are you my friend the sun?”

While Dongmin was talking about them singing “twinkle twinkle little star”, Niuniu was playing the familiar melody in the meeting room. Everyone sang together and enjoyed the session very much.

Usually, Chinese story reading sessions begins with 你好歌 and ends with 再见歌,while some popular children’s songs like 头和肩膀&拔萝卜 are played in the middle.

Two non-Chinese families participated this session through promotion by the Beachwood Library and thought highly of this Chinese story reading event. Nidhi, a mother from India, said they are attracted to the stories and music as the story tellers read lively and the books were quite interesting, though they have no understanding of Chinese. They hope children are able to learn different cultures and have more opportunities to join such reading sessions in the future.

Photo records of the event are as following :

First Story: A Taste of the Moon

Second Story, Hello Moon

Piano: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Poem: 静夜思

Craft: Moon